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Bible discussion group

Riverview Bible Studies

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (2 Peter 3:18)

Sunday Morning

 Bible Study

9:20-10:10 AM
10 Lies About God


“God just wants me to be happy.” “God helps those who help themselves.” How many times have you heard these sayings in secular culture or from a professing Christian? Despite their catchy, positive appeal, these sayings and others like them have dangerous implications for Christian theology. In "10 Lies About God," we’ll discover how these inaccurate beliefs distort our relationship with God and learn loving, Bible-based corrections that we can use in response. Open to adults and youth in grade 6 & up, Pastor Wagner will lead this study in the Fellowship Hall (Room 208/Grade 7-8 classroom).

Women's Bible Study

6:30-7:30 PM

 Our fall women's bible study has concluded. A new bible study will begin early in 2023.  

Basic Bible Christianity

6:30-7:45 PM

Are you or someone you know...
  • new to Christianity?
  • coming back to the church after some time away?
  • thinking about becoming a member of Riverview?
  • just curious about what we believe and teach?
  • a member who wants to review the basics of our faith?
Basic Bible Christianity is designed just for you. This class is free and open to all adults who simply want to learn more about God’s answers to life big questions.  
Those who are interested but unable to attend at the scheduled time may contact Pastor Wagner to schedule a different time.

Monday Afternoon Bible Study

1:00-2:00 PM

Gospel of Luke

 In his "orderly account" of the life of Jesus the Messiah, Luke not only has more details about Jesus' birth than any other Gospel writer; he also gives special attention to women, to the lowly and overlooked, offering comfort and encouragement for the average Christian today. Participants will read the text together and then share insights, questions, and applications for life today. Pastor Wagner will lead this study Mondays at 1:00 pm in the Church Library.

Join Us For Online Worship

Join us for online worship every Sunday at 8:00 am.

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