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August 2023 Building Expansion Update

Building Committee News. Building work continues to move along quickly and is still on schedule to be completed before the start of the school year. Major kitchen work has been completed. Cabinets are being installed in classrooms. Face brick on the exterior of the building is nearing completion. And much more!

We’ll be seeking volunteers very soon for moving classroom furnishings from the gym into the newly completed classrooms. Watch for details!

A Rite of Thanksgiving at the one-year anniversary of the beginning of our Growing in Grace campaign and Dedication of our Building Expansion will be included in our services on August 20. A celebration of the completed expansion is being planned for October 15.

Capital Campaign News. As of July 24, $421,644 of pledged gifts have been received for the Growing in Grace Capital Campaign, in addition to $64,648 of unpledged gifts, as well as gifts received before the campaign. Thank you for your generous support! We have taken the first draw on our loan. Gifts are tracking slightly behind anticipated levels. If you have not made a commitment and would like to get involved in the campaign, stop in the office for a commitment form, or simply give using the “Building Fund” line on your offering.

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