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July 2023 Building Expansion Update

Building Committee News. Construction work on the building addition is now moving at a fast pace. Exterior walls are in place and are insulated. Work on the roof of the addition is also taking shape. Interior carpentry work is just getting underway, and plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work is continuing. Over the next several weeks, the exterior doors and windows will be installed, and the addition will be totally enclosed. Then most visible parts of the interior work, including ceilings, drywall, paint, flooring, and new cabinetry can begin. The project is still on schedule. Pray that the Lord will continue to watch over the workers and allow them to continue to make good progress to meet our deadline.

Capital Campaign News. As of June 25, $403,357 of pledged gifts have been received for the Growing in Grace Capital Campaign, in addition to $63,303 of unpledged gifts and gifts received before the campaign. Thank you for your generous support! Our next payment will be due soon. If you have not made a commitment and would like to get involved in the campaign, stop in the office for a commitment form, or simply give using the “Building Fund” line on your offering.

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