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January 2023 Building Expansion Update

Building Committee News. Construction work has begun! Our groundbreaking ceremony was held on December 11. This week, crews were here to remove trees, scrape off top soil, and install construction fencing. We are still working through state planning approvals, so major construction work is likely still at least a few weeks off. But we will soon the visual scale of the project start to take shape. God-willing, construction will be complete in time for the start of 2023-24 school year. Capital Campaign News. Our loan application was approved at 5.25% for the first five years. Remember that the more funds given in support of the project early in the construction process, the less we will pay in interest and finance charges. To date, over $232,000 has been given toward the capital campaign, in addition to other allocated funds. To God be the glory as we grow in grace!

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