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March 2022 Building Project Update

The building committee continues to work with Keller Construction on our campus expansion plans. At the most recent meeting, the committee worked with Keller on refining the design plan, which now stands at roughly 16,000 square feet of expansion to both the church and school.

The plan gets us to the one-grade-per-classroom goal for the school expansion as well as adding much needed storage space. An expanded narthex and fellowship hall, multi-purpose rooms and much needed parking for the church are also part of the initial design plan. Keller’s interior design team will be coming through the church and school in March as part of preparing plans for updates to the current facilities.

Keller also presented the building committee a preliminary cost estimate and says we are on track to have a final design plan by the end of April. The building committee shared the preliminary cost and design plans with the Capital Campaign Committee.

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