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September 2022 Building Project Update

Our Growing in Grace Capital Campaign continues. In August, we had our kickoff and commitment weekends. As of August 28, we have received 89 commitments, totaling $738,330. Thanks be to God! The commitment phase of the campaign continues. Members who have not submitted a commitment yet are asked to prayerfully consider whether you might be able to offer financial support to this ministry and facility expansion and to bring your commitment by September 15. Commitments can be mailed in, dropped in the box in the office or the church entryway, or submitted online on the Growing in Grace page on our website:

Congregational leaders and leaders of the Building and Capital Campaign Committees will be meeting in the coming weeks to determine next steps based on gifts and commitments received. Stay tuned, and continue to keep this effort in your prayers!

Gifts for the building expansion can be submitted with your weekly offerings using the "Building Fund" line or indicating "Building Expansion" on the "other" line. (Kickoff gifts should be submitted with your commitment or indicated as "kickoff gift" on your offering.)

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